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Heyy [22 Mar 2005|10:44am]
[ mood | silly ]

heyy yall i think this is like the last time i am going to write in my journal i just dont have tyme ani more to go on the computer as much as i used to.......

well if you need me call my cell or just comment here and maybe i will check it <3 yahh

<3 s@m@nth@

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[27 Feb 2005|06:38pm]
[ mood | curious ]

My new screen name is RoCkErR cHiC x

does ani one kno how to get AIM plus ??


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i hate him.... [27 Feb 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Stav My EX is such an ass hole ughhh... long ass story ... well we broke up and i dont kno we didn't hang out for a while N then we talked online and he was just acting like he had a stick up his ass and then i was like what is wrong and then we got in a huge fight and then he was like screaming and so was i and he called me a lil gurl because i am a virgin and i thought that was pretty screwed up because i am only 14 i dont kno what sluts he been having sex with but im not one of them....

well i am over that ass wiper

does ani body kno how to get AIM PLUS ??????????



<3 S@m@nth@

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we broke up [13 Feb 2005|05:49pm]
[ mood | curious ]

me and stav just wern't ment to be i guess i would just rather be friends with him then ani thing so i guess thats just the way it goes.... the last couple of daiis have been hectic i was sick last week tuesdaii-fridai and it wasn't fun now i am not sick ani more and i am ready to go back to sko0l ...... if ani one is in my classes and can comment me tonight 2 tell me about ani homework and shit that would be great ....

Comment to help find homework <3 yahh thankz

thats about it ttyl

JoIn The ___the_fab its the ko0lest [27 Jan 2005|07:48pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Join The ___the_fab YouR Ko0l If You Get In HehE

well todaii i went to sko0l and i wore my jeans and a rele ko0l belt and a nice long sleave shirt hehe
well then i got home from a boring day of sko0l and i played with my dog went over my boyfriends house and chilled with him for like an hour b4 he had to go to work and then i went home and cleaned my house and my mom said that if i clean alot she will buy my hair dye and soo we went to wallgreens and got my hair dye and it is like dark brown with like bolnde and like redish strickes and it is soo pretty and i am dying it tomorrow night and when i go to sko0l on mondaii my hair will be dyed i am soo excited!!

Thats my wonderful day love you BYe

<3 S@m@nTh@

laguna wave**

My PuPpY Is So0o0o CuTe [23 Jan 2005|09:52am]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey..... its been like 3 daiis because i have like no time to go online with new lil puppy she is 9 weeks old and she is a toy poddle..... and she is like the cutest dogg i have ever seen.. welll todaii i am going to chill with my friend alexandra tell like 4 and then i am going to study for my science test and geography test and do my homework.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU... well i am going to go cause i am going to chill with alexandra


<3 S@m@nth@

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I GOT A PUPPY [19 Jan 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | excited ]

todaii was great i got a lil toy poddle her name is lucy and she is 8 weeks old OMG i love her todaii was awsome



<3 YOU

<3 s@m@nth@

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IM HOMe [17 Jan 2005|01:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

todaii.......... hummm....... ohh yah well i woke up at elyssa's house from a fun night with her and amy!!! THANKZ guys for helping me with my WoNdErFuL journal well then i went downstairs with her we ate sumthing and played with her neice she is soo cute her name is SAMANTHA YeAh just like me hehe well then we just hung out and then i had to go home and i went on the computer and called my boyfriend and thats pretty much it we have to go to FREaKin sko0l tomorrow i dont want to they cant make me .......

well thats about it for my exciting life ... .... ..... ......

See yah at sko0l tomorrow

CoMmenT me if you love mee

<3 Sam

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promotion guyssss [17 Jan 2005|10:40am]

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WOW its been a while [16 Jan 2005|06:30pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i just remembered that i had a freaking journal hehe and i think i will write in it a lil bit more well todaii was quite boring i just woke up and didn't feel to good because i was just getting over a cold and then i ate sumthing i dont really quite remember what it was and then i just hung out in my house took a shower listined to music and then i went online and talked to elyssa and made some plans with her for tonight i think she is going to come over my house or i am going over there well i kinda hope she comes over so she can help me with my freaking journal i had the best background and then i just went on my journal one daii and it was gone well i think i can fix it well i think thats about it i am going to eat dinner and then ELYSSA is comming over

<3 sam

LoVe U ElYsSa Its GuNnA Be a CRAZY nIghT HeHe

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i HaVn"t WrItTeN In HerE iN A WhiLe [27 Oct 2004|02:11pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well i am in high sko0l and i have just been so busy with sko0l and friends and breakin up with byrone and shyt i havn't written in here in a long ass time !!!! well my X boyfriend is a ass hole and we broke up about 2 weeks ago and i think i have a new guy i am lookin at hehe !!! well thats about it i am home from sko0l todaii sick and board ad hell and just dicided to come on the computer well thats about it i think i will be going to sko0l tomorrow

CoMmEnT if u r in one of my classes so you could tell me the homework ThAnKz LoVe YaHh ByE !

[No 6]

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WoW HaVn'T WrItTeN In my Ell JaY In A WhilE :) HehE [30 Sep 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | loved ]

to give you like a heads up or like a lil review i am going out with byrone *love you babi **9/21/04** well i like him alot he is the ko0lest so0o0 sexii nicest bodiee and he is from south africa so he has a cute CutE !! accent well thats about it i dont think i will write in here to much cause sko0l and boyfriend and friends

HaPpY B-daIi LaUrEn i LoVe YoU GuRlIe !!!

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WeEkEnD....... [19 Sep 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

FrIdAii...... got home from sko0l and went out side and chilled with catlyn until she had to go to her daddyz house then after a couple hours she had to leave :( then i hung out with byrone he had to wash some cars and then he washed my moms and i had to go home i was so0o0 tired ! i fell asleep at like 10:30 and woke up at like 9:30

SaTuRdAiI.... when i woke up it was just me and my sister casey because my mom and dad and erin( my sister ) and her boyfriend went to see the dallli lama or sum shyt and then i went to the mall with delaney and she got 2 rings and a horse shoe for her bracelet and then i got a belly button ring and we got one of those key chains that you connect the hearts together and it sayd sammi and delaney best friends ! i have best and she has friends then we ate a pretzel and then my sister came and picked us up and when we got to my house we walked to Bj's and listined to music LoL and then we went back to my house and she called her mom and told her that i was going to have my mom bring us over there and i was going to go to a party with them and have a sleepover. well when i got to her house we went on the trapoline and in the pool and then we had to go get ready for the party and we both took showers and then got dressed and we had to leave and we went to her old neighborhood where the party was and it was mostly adults but me and delaney still had fun because at the house that the party was at in the garage we saw the electric skooters and they go like rele fast so we went around the neighborhood and it was So0o0o0o much FuN ! and then we went on the trapoline and then we ate and went on the trap again and then we had to leave later on and we went to her house and after a while we fell asleep!

SuNdAii..... we woke up at like 10 and i called my mom and she came and casey picked me up and i went to my house went online to do my homework i had to do those stupid articles and then i got done with those went out side and saw *ByRoNe* and he was washing a car and then i washed my bike because i am weird like that and there was like nothing else to do and he got me soaked and i wet the car after he just wiped it off and then i went home because i was mad at him hehe lol :) and then after that i ate a grill cheese and went back out and i said i was sorry and he said he was sorry  !! hehe lol and he bought me a coke hehe i LoVe YaHh and then i had to go home because it was starting to rain and i was going to eat dinner and then later on i am going to go to catlyns house and then ThErE iS AnOtHeR DaIi Of SkO0l uHh ThAt SuCkZ ........


<3 SaMmI

CmNt !! lOvE yAhHz

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HuNg OuT WiT ByRoNe ! [10 Sep 2004|07:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

TodAii i got back from sko0l and chilled with byrone and kyle and jared and like a ton of ppl they playes soccer and us gurlies watched hehehe sry byrone that you got hit in the balls i love you boi hehe lol well then he had to go eat and so did i then later on we went swimming and played sum more soccer that about it i dont feel like typing ani more

SeE YaHh

* S@m@nTh@ *

laguna wave**

BaCk 2 SkO0L [08 Sep 2004|06:28pm]
[ mood | good ]

WeLl WeLl WeLl.... WhAt DiD i Do ToDaIi..... hUmMmMmM..... I WiLl TeLl YaH !! i woke up at like 4 in the mrning because i didn't sleep like all night well i went to my moms work in the morning after i got dressed and did my hair! We had to check and see if her work got there power back and they didn't YaHh mommy you got another daii of work ! well then we went to hess to see if it was open and it wasn't then we went to get my dads truck and bring it to get gas becuase he was getting ready for work ! we took it to get gas and we came back and it was 6:15 WOW we did alot in like a couple hours !! and then i ate sumthing and went off to sko0l i thought it was a no 5 todaii but it was a no1 ad i toook all my sign language stuff for that class (5th period) and i went to my first period class ALMOST sat down and then i was like this isn't my class and mr mendelson !!! HOT ! said its a no one so i ran my lil butt up stairs and to math class where i chilled with alisa ! and then i went to english then science AND FINALLY my day got better and better LUNCH !!! well after lunch i went of to sign language and she didn't yell at me because tehre was alot of kidds that did the same thing hehe lol byrone ! CuTiE PiE ! well then i went to P.E i love that i got to chill with david, matt, jen, and derek ! but buddies ! then i went to boring life management skills and chilled with ashlie !! and then b4 i knew it class was over the daii was over YAHH i walked to the park with nikki, morgan, my sister, jackie and jackie, and dianna ! well i got home and saw my mommy and just got on sum comfie clothes and chilled went on the computer did some homework and ate dinner and thats about it it was a god daii !

tell mee how yah daii was !! cmnt !

<3 S@M@NtH@ <3

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AnOtHeR DaIi OfF SkOol [07 Sep 2004|03:04pm]
[ mood | creative ]

YaHh No Sko0l no sko0l well what rele sucks is that we have sko0l tomorrow but what ever we have had 6 daiis off sko0l now that is awsome well todaii... tuesdaii... i woke up and the carpet guy came ebcause there was something wrong with it or sumthin long story then we went to publix and got some food and later on when we went home we realized how bord we were so me and my sister went across the street to blockbuster to get some movies becuase i still dont have cabel !!! well we got missing, a new york minute, and connie and carla hehe well we came home made lunch and we all watched the movie connie and carla it was good but i dont think i would ever watch it again hehe well then i went on the computer like the rest of the daii talked to a bunch of ppl and then got ready for a wonderful daii of sko0l !!! yahh NOT !

<3 S@MmI

ps: if ani one heres that we dont have sko0l tomorrow for sum weird reason leave a comment LoVe YaHh

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HeYy ThE HuRrIcAnE iSs HeRe [04 Sep 2004|02:01pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

well todaii i woke up and wondered when the hurricane was going to come ! and its not rele here but the edges of it are hitting us right now it said that its not giogn to get here until like 2 o clock in the morning hehe i am staynig up to see that !! well i then i chilled with my family my dad made me an omlet and it was Go0d ! and then i watched a movie with my mom and my sisters we watched dragonfly and it was sooo good then later on i just waited around for the storm went online and chilled out !
leave a comment and tell me how your doin ! be safe !

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LoOk HoW CuTe My JoUrNaL iSs !! [03 Sep 2004|05:46pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ThAnK YoU LuLu FoR HeLpInG mE WiTh My JoUrNaL ItZ SoOoOo CuTe ! WeLl I ThInK ThE HuRrIcAnE iS GoInG 2 CoMe ToNiGhT ! AnD ToMoRrOw BuT ThAnK GoD It CaLmEd DoWn It Is A CaTaGoRy BuT It Is StIlL GoInG To Be PrEtTy BaDd BuT ToDaIi I JuSt ChIlLeD WiTh My FaMiLy ! WeLl ThAts AboUt It ...... MaKe A CoMmEnT AnD TeLl Me If YoU LIkE mY PoKa DoTs AnD My NeW UsEr PiCtUrE !!! ThAnK u LuLu AgAiN !


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hurricane is comming :( [02 Sep 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | scared ]

ThUrSdAii....well todaii i hung out with my mom i went to walgreens then out to lindburgers for lunch and most of the daii i hung out then later on i went online and talked to ryan !!! well thats about it .... i dont think i will be writing in here until the hurricane because electricity !!! <3 SaMmI 

laguna wave**

HeY !!! WhAtZ [30 Aug 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

FrIdAii.....well i went home from sko0l and nikki came home with me and she forgot to call her mom and tell her that she was comming home with me and staying over to chill and we called her at like 4 o clock and her mom was like rele pissed and she was like why dont you do whatever you want because you seem to be making all of your decisions for your self hehe lol nikki and then we went to the pool and hung out with kyle and christina!!! then she called her mom when she got home and her mom was pissed she went home and her mom was like screaming at her like the whole night and i was like nikki i am soo sorry i love yahh gurrlie !

SaTuRdAii..... woke up in the morning and chilled out with my family and we moved around the stuff in my house like the intertainment center and stuff and we did a bunch of stuff and i hung out with my sister erin and then we went to get mcdonalds and got the movie taking lives and watched it in my sisters room (casey) and watched it on her new TV and her new DVD player and it was a rele good movie

SuNdAiI..... on sundaii i did my homework and just slept and hung out and stuff got ready for sk00l the next daii


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